17 Tips and Tricks to Improve your Content

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In the present age of technological outbreaks and developments, keeping up with social media and all it has to offer has become a basic necessity. With the increasing popularity of digital marketing and other similar ways that are used to put one’s product out there, content is becoming increasingly significant and indispensable. Content in the present times is a priority. Content is what gives a product or idea its identity and content is also what sells a product or idea. Facebook calls this the ‘thumb-stopping power’- the ability of your content to make a user pause scrolling and engage them in what it has to offer. Therefore, toensure the superiority and efficiency of your content, here are 17 tips and tricks that you must try and use:

  1. Mix up your Content

An important aspect of making your content reach out to more people in ways that you want is mixing up of content. People are different, their personalities and perspectives are different, and so are their needs. The key to achieving the impact that you aim for is making sure that there is diversity in what you offer, a diversity that caters to the myriadneeds of all kinds of people. Mixing up of content does just that.

  1. Start with the Benefit

There is an essential difference between digital content and content that is written for TV commercials, etc. To engage attention in this age of low attention span, the digital content has to grasp the reader’s attention from the very beginning alongside being quick in its delivery. The trick ? Best things first. Start with what you think is the advantageous option.

  1. Test, Test, Test

Evaluation is extremely important for a clear understanding of where one stands in the larger picture. Therefore its important to test things before giving a nod to their implementation. Testing is not just meant for the kind of content to be delivered but also for pricing, people’s response or even product positioning.

  1. Get inspired by Influencers

The present age is the age of social media influencers. They have become an integral part of our every day life. Be it for food, makeup, travel, art or music, we look up to and out for what the influencers have to say about things. However, what we can also take inspiration for from them is how to create groundbreaking content. After all, no one knows their audiences needs as well as influencers do.

  1. Do Less Stuff Better

We all know that “less is more”. This is also the mantra to live by when it comes to content. It is important to ensurethe quality of content rather than quantity. Lesser but superior content is any day more preferable than a string of tedious and meaningless ones.

  1. Have some fun

Having fun and experimenting with your content is important because no one really likes a lot of serious stuff. It is good to keep the kind of audience in mind and make your content as engaging and attractive as possible by adding new dimensions to your otherwise basic content.

  1. Finding a Real Customer Insight

Content these days, mostly focus on the ‘what’ of the product. However, in order to grasp the consumer’s attention, what is needed is an understanding of the ‘why’ of the product. It is the reflection of this understanding of  the customer’s needs that adds an extra edge and makes your content stand out.

  1. Strategic Analytics

Analytics is not just meant to be read. Analytics requires one to probe into a deeper understanding of the present outcomes, its meaning and its implications. One has to keep this in mind to manipulate the content strategically such that it bears the fruit of its actions.

  1. Build Content on Relevant Connections

To make your content appealing, it is important to locate it in a context. Content without any connection to its context simply has no meaning and fails to provide outcomes. Therefore, ensuring a proper connection between what is being delivered and why it is being delivered by a particular brand at a particular time is imperative.

  1. Give your content more reach on new channels

In order to popularize your content and not limit it to specific outlets, one must make it available on as many new channels as possible. An increased reach implies an increased readership and hence a good utilization of the content.

  1. Get Reinspired

Trying to create unique content all the time can be cumbersome. Taking inspirationfrom various social media platforms proves to be a breath of fresh air. One can always go back to frequently used social media pages to get an idea of what audiences are looking for and thus pave the way for you to provide them with just what they need.

  1. Repurpose your Best Content

Improvising on and perfecting what is already the best can work out well for high quality content. Content that is already popular can be reused in newer and different ways to make it more unique and hence ensure success.

  1. Immediate Attention-Grabbing Creative

The content obviously has to be creative, and it also has to be attention-grabbing. However, it also has to be immediate attention-grabbing which has a lot to do with the rate at which people are fed content online. Therefore, crisp and concise content which also engages and interests the audiences has become an essential prerequisite.

  1. Experiment More with Formats

The panorama of formats that the internet has to offer is meant for prompt utilization for generating unique content. Breaking the monotony once in a while by trying newer ways and formats of projecting content is sure to bring in success.

  1. Video

Social media nowadays is raging with vloggers more than bloggers. With the advent of the video format, content delivery has the potential to reach a whole new level today. Hence, creatively curating a video to deliver content is definitely more preferable than simply writing it down.

  1. Reuse your best content

In this age of digital media, people are bound to remember what they see rather than what they read. Therefore constantly using already popular content that people remember in newer ways can be a source of added returns from the same investment.

  1. Use content learnings across channels

An effective way of improving your content is to use what you learn from the content on one platform to create something new and attractive on another platform of social media. This maintains both the exclusivity of the content as well as the inventiveness of the brand.

Besides these 17 tips, content should be an overall voice of your brand or organisation. It should always be able to resonate the message that underlies your content. The efficient and balanced use of these tricks, according to the nature of the content, is sure to take you a long way in the world of online content marketing.

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