Cracking The Writing Styles- 16 Rules to Perfect Web Content Writing!

Content is the life of a website and a website is the life of your company. Anything you write on your website will catch the eye of people visiting it and they will form an opinion about the company based on what they read. While crisp and grammatically correct website content is ideal, sloppy and unplanned content is a big NO for the website. It only confuses and disappoints your readers. Good content on the other hand is a winner, it will help you earn more shares and backlinks.

Why should entrepreneurs learn content writing?

While your people skills, persuading ability and outstanding experience can help you in the market, these skills can be reflected online only through the content on your website. In fact, good content is equivalent to a good employee. In the present day, people have more faith on content than on people and are willing to take your word for word, if you use the art of content writing in the right manner.

According to the popular content writer Nicholas Cole, “They (people) want to experience your content the same way they would experience grabbing a cup of coffee with you at a local coffee shop.”

To expedite your web traffic and conversions and become the entrepreneur you’ve always dreamt of being, make sure to bookmark these following tips that will help you enhance your content writing skills for the web.

16 Tips For Writing Web Content

  1. Start with keyword research for SEO

SEO is an important part of developing a website now a days and it is the use of keywords that will make your content visible and searchable. Therefore, the first step of creating web content is doing a thorough research of the most ideal keywords for your web content. Keywords are the definition of your content and it should be chosen with care. You can look into our SEO Keyword Research Kit which is free and provides the best results.

  1. Don’t overuse keywords

The use of keyword should always be optimal. A piece of content crammed with keywords is an expression of untrustworthy and suspicious content. Especially when today search engines are getting smarter, your keyword crammed content will be immediately noticed by the search engine and can be possibly blocked or cause your Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rankings to go sink rapidly.

  1. Powerful Call To Action (CTAs)

Calls to action are a significant strategy which enable you to receive an immediate response from those reading your content. Used generally at the end of the content or at some significant place amidst the content, it prompts the reader about what action they can take after reading the content. Powerful CTAs include:

  • Download resources
  • Subscribe to newsletter
  • Get a demo
  • Share content
  • Make a purchase
  1. Style of writing

Style of writing is a factor that has been highly dynamic in the past decade. How we write the simplest of things differ in many ways. From writing in a neutral gender, removing the hyphen in email and using a lowercase ‘I’ in internet, you will spot many changes and debates on writing styles. Your content is for your audience, and thus, your writing style should be in accordance to their preferences and style of writing. This will allow your content to be accepted readily and read thoroughly.

  1. Hyperlink to your sources

Hyperlinking to your sources, often called backlinks, are a basic internet etiquette which must be followed religiously. When you take content as reference from a particular website make sure to backlink them. Not only does this build cordial relations with other websites, but will also help you gain backlinks in future, thereby increasing the traffic on your website.

  1. Create an emotional impact

The most important aspect of your content is to connect. When your content can be deemed as relatable and can evoke some feelings in the reader, it will automatically become popular among people. As Megan Conley, a Content Marketing Strategist at HubSpot states, “…no matter the format, it ultimately comes down to emotion.” Ask yourself relevant questions like – Will I stop and read this content? Does it inspire me? What is good about this content? The answers to this will guide you to write an emotionally impactful content.

  1. Keep the action in the content

When you write your content in a passive tone, you only give out a passive vibe to your reader. Keeping the content full of action makes it engaging, and becomes popular with the people very easy. You don’t need to use heavy or flamboyant words. Using terms like ‘rocketing sales’ instead of ‘fast growing sales’ or ‘slash costs’ instead of ‘cut costs’. Use of such terminology reflects your confidence and motivated the reader to explore your web page.

  1. Less is the new More

When writing for web, keep in mind that people scroll faster than the speed of light. Thus, in order to grab their attention in the real sense, chop your content. Use fewer words for greater action and champion the art of creating content. While five and three lined paragraphs can be accepted as an optimal size, single sentences can take you places. Concise explanations are a reflection of your understanding of the content in simplest words. Avoid beating around the bush, so that people can fulfill the purpose of visiting your website faster.

  1. Correct grammar usage

When people notice grammatical loopholes in your content, they lose faith in the quality of your content and thereby on the quality of your products or services. Use dictionary websites like frequently to understand the correct usage of different words. Clarify errors like writing “Do’s” instead of “Dos” and understand the variations that might confuse you (like website versus web site).

  1. Update your links

When you leave a particular piece of content page with links, unattended, for a long time, it will become outdated and automatically reduce traffic. Linking your content to other pages in a good strategy but following up these links and updating them on your content page is very important. It will make your content useful for the readers, increase your page view and time on site and help you remain relevant on the web.

  1. Invest in a good SEO suite

SEO suites are SEO software that have combined multiple tools for search engine optimization in order to boost the website and higher its rankings. Besides creating a content for your web, you must also invest in a good SEO suite as different suites have different features. Not all are helpful, thus only a waste of resources. Dig into the features and tools offered by these suites and choose the best one.

  1. Paint a picture

Merely having an engaging writing is not enough. It should be coupled with the art of painting a picture, not literally – but through words. It adds a certain charm that will let your audience imagine the backdrop or scenario based on which you are writing. Asking questions can be an effective way to paint a scenario. For example, ‘Have you ever thought of fusing your western clothes with junk jewellery?’ This question will cause the readers to think how it is possible to wear such a combination and excite them further to know more.

  1. Revamp posts for maximum value

While you are establishing your website in the online market, it will take some time to gather the traffic. In this duration, some of your blogs and posts will get older. This does not mean that they are useless. These blogs were your primary sources of traffic. Thus, you must revamp them to keep them on your priority and for people to check them easily. Change the fonts, add or remove picture, update your links and edit the format are a few easy ways of revamping posts.

  1. Provide an added value

Who doesn’t love a gift? Besides your insightful information and content, you should, when possible, give a small gift as a reward. This can be anything, a template a free webinar, worksheets or some exclusive tips. By adding such small valuables, people would get the motivation of visiting your website again, they will encourage other people to visit your website and help you build a good bond with your audience.

  1. Say No to self-editing

You may want to edit your articles for yourself, but there are certain cons attached to it.  When you edit your article immediately after writing it, you mind will automatically read what it wrote and fill in any possible errors that might be prevailing. Thus, it is better to have your content edited by a separate person altogether. But if you still want to do it by yourself, consider editing after a few hours or a day of writing.

  1. Train yourself

There is no age to stop learning. Take advantages of small online courses and trainings on content writing and search engine optimisation. To your surprise, you will learn a number of new things that can be incorporated into your website.

Is it difficult and complicated to tackle the content of a website on your own?

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